It is very common for the collectors, enthusiasts, executive companies and many more, to require books and documents from limited editions, company financial reports, bibles, photograph albums, marketing presentations and dairies, being some of the work to be bound in new bindings. These bindings can suit any variety of tastes, from full leather to half or quarter bindings, using calf skin, sheep skin, goat (Morocco) being the most common. These bindings can have cloth sides of many colours to suit or a decorative marbled paper.

All of these different styles vary tremendously to the customers requirements however all are bound to an outstandingly high standard. Each binding is also embossed with company logos for presentation prepossess and or gold lettering of the title and any further gilt work required. In some situations the customers also request slip cases or drop back boxes designed in the same style as the book. If the book is bound in half green Morocco and marbled paper sides with full guilt spine, the boxes will be covered in complementary styles and materials.